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"Retro Hash" (2014)

Parties At The Disco lyrics - Asher Roth (feat. ZZ Ward)

[Hook - Asher Roth,(ZZ Ward):]
Thinking bout the
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Got me feeling wishful
Thinking bout the
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Parties at the Disco
If i could fly, I would fly
I would fly, I would fly away
From here (here)
(You might get ugly, just because it's hard to make ends meet
But all the money don't mean shit
If you ain't here with me)

[Verse 1 - Asher Roth:]
Cause the cash rules everything around
So, every now and then
Feeling like I'm out of town
Got a chill, sit down, remember how to be a child
Wide eyes with a smile
What? When? Where? How?
Styles of nostalgic
Lisp and a cowlick
Jumped to the moon
With a spoon and a spatula
Trapped in the past
Thinking how do we get back to it
Got that funny, funny feeling at last

Thinking bout the
Caught me feeling wishful
Thinking bout the
Parties at the Disco
If i could find, i would find
I would find, I would find a way
My dear (my dear)
(You might get ugly, just because it's hard to make ends meet
But all the money don't mean shit
If you ain't here with me)

[Verse 2 - Asher Roth:]
To get some, you give some
So pick one
Lose some, you win some
So have fun
Don't stress, just do flips
Just press on
Mood twists, the shoe fits
You step on
Keep walking down the path that you meant for
Dark.....? is essential
We will always come back to the threshold
But, first
You gotta let go

Thinking bout the
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Caught me feeling wishful
Thinking bout the
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Parties at the Disco

Dude lyrics - Asher Roth (feat. Currensy)

Yeah, yeah, chillin' in some shorts
Sippin' on a cold one, sittin' on the porch
Only chopsticks, I don't ever use a fork
Go for it, little dork, don't you know, I'm that dude
Yo, yo, born from a stork
Kung Pao chicken, you can pile on the pork
When I get bored, I just call up Scott Storch
House phone, no cord, of course I'm that dude

[Verse 1 - Asher Roth:]
Cut my hair in two years
Drink beer, get weird
Get clear advice when my friends tell me get real
No deal, I be sippin' smoothies and shit
Gettin' stoned and then I go alone to movies and shit
Bolognese, homemade, only played croquet
In a cloak, and like old episodes of Soul Train
Run with the O'Jays, Whole Foods for the groceries
OJ, Moets, cherries and Yoplait
No way, Jose, Cuervo in a bear coat
Hair long, tomatoes, grow my ver' own
Barebone, dare you to out-stare a scarecrow
Blow whale's airhole, hair like scared werewolf
Get down, sheets got a high thread count
Red gown, gets drowned out by my med sound
Loud, TED talks on the iPad
Old search says Bang Bros., my bad
Good weed got be talkin' 'bout deities
Aphrodites, sucker for good lighting
And neat handwriting, sorta like calligraphy
Trick or treat at 30, dressed up as Jackie Tree


[Verse 2 - Curren$y:]
Niggas is clowns, I hand out styles like
I make them at home, beneath my
Workshop lights
Hundreds of these, it's nothing to me
At home over the stove, makin' these keys
Laughin' at these little niggas mimicking me
They slidin' down razor blades, landin' in alcohol rivers
I can't get with 'em, nah, Spitta chillin'
And I still claim Jets at your
With a batch of pot brownies in the oven and some hoes
Same old shit spinnin', just the toilet bowl different
Bathrooms bigger, bigger mirrors
Hoes seein' themselves in 'em and havin' twisted visions of us livin'
Coexistin', demolishing my pimpin'
None of that asking where I'm going
Furthermore, when I'm comin' back
No wine, no top hat, I still pull a disappearin' act
Never die, motherfucker, that's what I say
Gettin' money out your bitches every goddamn day
Homie said he want a show, I want 10 grand
I'mma need 10 more when my plane land
Baby never met another nigga higher or hotter
Bitch, just hit the weed, don't
Ask where I got it
In the presence of these international globe trotters
On the bus ballin' out in different towns with my partners

Tangerine Girl lyrics - Asher Roth

[Asher harmonizing]
Bad to the-Bad to the-Bad to the [x2]

[Verse 1:]
Made of money, I was thinking about her all week
Would've treated her to some Grigio, and fresh brie
The way we vibing it reminded me of ice tea
Want to drink it up so baby come and let's leave

Sweet, Tangerine Girl
Sweet, girl [x2]

[Verse 2:]
Got me grooving when I'm turning on the radio
If you feel it baby go ahead and let me know
We could run away and hang out on the country side
Cause not a problem in the world if it's just you and I


Bad to the bad to the
Bad to the bad to the
Bad to the bad to the

[Verse 3:]
Bad to the bad to the bad to the bone
Look real close, I should've known
Heels and the toes to be matching her coat
And the jewels and the rose
Just to add to the show
MM-MM Fine, Clementine
What I gotta do to make you mine?
Girl you set my heart on fire
Open fire, I could die from
Sweet tea, and I need refreshment
The best in sheets, better keep me guessing
Must aim to please, teach me a lesson
Geek Van der Beek, dawg, reek a second
All stop, Bumbaclaat
Do you want to run to the sun or not
If you wanna fly better come inside
Come along we'll go for a ride

Bad to the bad to the
Bad to the bad to the
Bad to the bad to the


Pull It lyrics - Asher Roth

One finger in the air just like this
One finger in the air and I'm gon' pull it
Yes, I'm gon' pull it, yes, I will pull it
Yes, I'm gon' pull it, yes, I will pull

[Verse 1]
She made me do it, no, I won't complain
I won't make excuses, I know I won't change
Call me fucking stupid, it ain't all a thing
Why do I keep pursuing? Searching off again
Only relation, I ain't good at relationships
I ain't no angel, but no, you never gave a shit
And I'm gon' make it, I try to walk away from it
But separated, you call my name in ecstasy


[Verse 2:]
Far to the right
Gone to the break of dawn, off for the night
Lost in a vacant lot, parked on a light
Crossed and it's shaking too long or a fight
And all in my might, call her a "might"
Know that I shouldn't cause it's hard to be nice
Boys gotta pick it when the arguments right
Stars and the stripes, off when a hall make me larger than life
Aw, beep beep, knees deep in a DC
Please need these demons to leave me
Need peace, no reason to repeat
Retreat, it's easy, just release
Relief, be free, let it go
Fiening a leaf, ain't no need to control
Planting a seed, let me reap what I sow
Defeated the pieces he blow, pow



Something For Nothing lyrics - Asher Roth (feat. Coyle Girelli)

[Verse 1 - Asher Roth:]
Ey, yo I gave it all
Maybe save me some
Save the crumbs for a rainy one
Pay me nothing
Ungrateful lust
Put faith and trust in unfaithful love
Play the game
She would play for fun
Straight his face
She would taste the cum
Change of ways
And make you raise a gun
A spotless mind can't erase the sun
And your retire plan has gone dark
She ain't got a feeling, she ain't got no heart
Blame it on the back, looking up stars
Telling bout the past
Telling everything he thought of
When he first saw her, how he want a daughter
But her mother better be cut from the goddess cloth
Hardest part is she hardly talks
And a kiss, eyes wide as the sky is tall

[Hook - Coyle Girelli:]
I wanna another one, A love
I must of given the sea
If you want something out of nothing
Then you won't get much from me
Someone in life used to tell you
That the best things are free
If you have something out of nothing
Then you won't get much from me

[Verse 2 - Asher Roth:]
These Walls
I built
Free fall
Climb, fail
Please, no
Try still
Keep going
Cry help
Eyo, back for more i guess thats a lure
Pass some more , whether i ask for yours
Back and forth an attractive sore
I got a passion for it, a fantastic force
Pass the point, i can't stop
Do I gotta severe at the source or just ride?
When you're in a war, and the doors only box
Searching for the shore is the only thing you got

[Hook - Coyle Girelli]

[Verse 3 - Coyle Girelli:]
Wake up, if you want to make a change
Are we gonna break up, cause i can't carry on this way
Smother me in nothing, I'd still get for you a golden pearl
I bet its like a coffin, what happen to the naughty girl

Fast Life lyrics - Asher Roth (feat. Vic Mensa)

Someone's always caught up in the...
Someone's always caught up in the fast life
Someone's always caught up in the fast life

[Hook - Asher Roth:]
Fast life, someone's always caught up in the fast life
Fast life, someone's always caught up in the fast life
Fast life, someone's always caught up in the fast life
Fast life, someone's always caught up in the fast life

[Verse 1 - Asher Roth:]
Far too delicate, it's hard when a father is yelling and
Takes it out on her or the dog for the hell of it
Only thirteen when she started developing
By fifteen, attractin' older gentlemen
She let them in, mom wasn't looking, she might have been
Turned a blind eye found it better than fighting with
Her little girl caught in a sinister world
No sibling or a sister that could show her the pearls
So she turns to the night sky
Drinking to get by, pills above the sink that be helping her get high
All the while she's forgetting to ask why
Feeling like the only way of living is let die
Why goodbye is the hardest of speech
Go along for the ride at a startling speed
Through the rise and the fall and the balance in peaks
While the heart tries to find what it needs
Don't get caught up in the

[Hook - Asher Roth]

[Verse 2 - Vic Mensa:]
Ain't it hard, to get up out of your momma's basement
If I could buy my way to Heaven or a diamond bracelet
Can't help, but wonder if my time is wasted
If I'm waiting on a train instead of trying to race it
Too fast, my lady told me "Slow down baby
By the way I work for seven", she said she know I'm crazy, ayyy
How you gotta walk before you run
Gotta look before you leap but lose faith before you preach
And just think before you reaching for the handle of your gun
And you running from what you done to become what you never wanted to
Hunted you want to run, running from the sound of the sirens
Chicago no violence, Nobody could tell me
Come find me, I need an island, to hold my family
Take up ten rows of the Grammy seats
Granted we've known each other for some time
It don't take a whole day to recognize sunshine
Look around

[Hook - Asher Roth (x2)]

Last Of The Flohicans lyrics - Asher Roth (feat. Major Myjah)

[Verse 1 - Asher Roth:]
Last of the Flohicans
Goin' for no reasons
Snowing for four seasons
Fucked up my whole weekend
I was home, chiefin' dro, in the zone
Peaking slow, zip and couch surfing
Ouch feeling so sheepish
That's so facetious, or is it so fictitious
I lost focus selfishly with the leaches
When I sleep why do I see what it is I don't believe in
Thought I was hopeful but there's hope for only those who leaving

[Hook - Major Myjah:]
It's all up to you
It's all up to you
Just find the truth
Its all out of focus, focus
Up to you, its not what we do
Just find the truth
Its all out of focus, focus

[Verse 2 - Asher Roth:]
Need a new beginning, let me start again
Let me start again this time without an awkward ending
I walk pretending my thoughts are other on this planet
But I abandoned them not long ago and left them stranded
Don't understand it, take for granted, might resort to panic
But, there's a chance that you're enchanted might be worth the manage
No need for fantasy, fancy I'm not a stuffed guy
Don't puff my chest out, not impressed with dumb lies
I'm stumped (Why?), on how the well dries up
Leaves the whole entire countryside left to fry
I testify, and to the best of my abilities
Silly me knows , it really should be left to God

[Hook - Major Myjah]

[Post-Hook - Major Myjah:]
Up to you, about what we do
If your sky is blue
Just find the focus, focus

[Verse 3 - Asher Roth:]
Its that time and I'm flat lining
Its hard finding the fine line
Dividing a child from aged shaman
It ain't that common, Not every day
You see the latest fate
Disintegrate and regenerate in better shape
Stay in the shade, keep the pain away
Or take a break long enough to make them say
Live in your heart and not your head stupid
When the lens crooked make your amends, don't take offense to it
Making friends through it, with the bends and loops
Ending up pretending leaping through the hoops to get into it
Better check your fluids, get a rest to ruin
Better them than me, it's me or them, that's why the best just do it

[Hook - Major Myjah]

[Post-Hook - Major Myjah]

Be Right lyrics - Asher Roth (feat. Major Myjah)

[Hook - Major Myjah:]
When the crows fly away
And the sun decides to come out
And all my dreams awake
And I feel free again
The crows fly away
And the sun decides to come out
And all my dreams awake
And I feel free again

[Hook - Major Myjah:]
Just let me be right [x4]
Just lettin' the beat ride [x4]

[Verse 1 - Asher Roth:]
Give it away, give it away
Give it away, now
Haven't felt this way
Since when I moved to A-town
I've decided I'm a do my thing
And stay proud
Used to be some doubt
But now the whole world's my playground
Yesterday, I felt the burdens on my shoulder
But I learned to let it go and
Keep on keeping on my composure
Yea they always told me certain things hit when your older
So you must lift up the hood
And take a look up at the motor
So, no more oil slips
You owe me that, you owe me this
You’re on your own, You’re only hope is ownin up
To know your gift
The zodiac can only help to loan you hints
Take control of yours alone, for ownerships the only risk
No magic potion for the loneliness
Some people who are the loneliest, they happen to be only rich
So get going before the going gets
Homie saw my loathing so he told me this

[Hook - Major Myjah]

[Hook - Major Myjah(x2)]

[Verse 2 - Asher Roth:]
Yeah trust that my gut is in the right place
And when I jump, won’t hit a bump and fall right on to my face
And I might
And thats alright
Ill just get up and say
At least I took a chance to make advances in this life, hey
Hey a new day, never wasted
Don’t be scared to take it there
The truth gets in the way and makes the mood muddled lazy
Fools are persuaded
But our rules aren’t the same
Remember do something crazy! (Do something crazy!)
Don’t want every day to be the same thing
Would be a shame to miss the beauty that the rain brings
When the change intimidates and says remain tame
Look it in its face and say that ain't how he became king
King, king, but really I don’t need much
When it comes to time I want for mine to be on recess
No more feeling tied up in complete stress
Big sigh of relief
I have reset

[Hook - Major Myjah]

[Hook - Major Myjah (x8)]

Pot Of Gold lyrics - Asher Roth

Oooh Oooh
Oooh Oooh
Oooh Oooh

I be on my own
Scouring the globe in designer clothes
Surfing on the waves, million dollar boats
Really want to stay, but I gotta go
Searching for the pot of gold

Like a domino
Fall into the flame, but designed to float
My heart is made of shame, its a hollow home
Caught up in a game where the liars go
What'd you say, I don't know

We all got problems, don't need yours
But keep that shit on record
What the hell ya'll be lookin' at me for
We all just ordinary people
Can't see, won't speak no evil
I peep through that old key hole
Don't think you need that ego
Where them high hoes meet the street floor
I'm free form on fly
Can't nobody hold me except muah
Don't nobody know who gets to ride
Losing control from the driver's side
Oh little did we know we were home the whole time
Highs with the lows and the lows with the highs
From the seed to the fruit, from the vine to the wine
From the tree to the root, to the child inside


Oooh weh oooh
Oooh weh oooh
Oooh oooh

Oooh weh oooh
Oooh weh oooh
Oooh oooh


On my own
In designer clothes
Million dollar boats
But I gotta go, searching for the pot of gold

On my own
In designer clothes
Million dollar boats
But I gotta go, searching for the pot of gold